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Our assembly is the original version of the game, it is perfect for beginners with a minimum of online play, as well as for those who consider themselves a professional with a lot of played hours and packed phrases. In fact, this assembly of Counter-Strike 1.6 has a number of advantages over the modified and good that it is all made in a classic style and set by default:
Combat operations at CS 1.6 are deployed at a specific location, called a map, where bandits and police find out round after round for a certain amount of time which one is the best. In addition to taking into account team victories, each player can be individually distinguished by scoring the maximum number of points (opponent murders).

cs 1.6 download

Main features:

Some players are just starting to play Counter-Strike 1.6 but the other gamers probably already tired of the game and they are looking to download any new games. The players are waiting for the developers to come up with new ideas. Unfortunately any gamer sooner or later can be disappointed in his favorite game and is leaving it but this does not apply to Counter-Strike 1.6, which is constantly trying to keep its fans with new modifications of the client. There are always people who can vary the virtual world and offer the original ideas that has never been realized before. The Counter Strike has earned its popularity from the very first days of its release. The developers were able to bring the real life events to the gameplay. Today you can become a part of CS, just click the button below to start downloading the game.

full protection against all types of slow hacking servers
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latest CS 1.6 zBots included in this client
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Since the release of the CS 1.6 the number of its fans only grew up, because at that time the developers were able to surprise users, despite the fact that there was already a similar game. So many computer clubs were filled with customers who could not break away from the exciting shooter, because not every gamer can afford to have the Internet at home. Now you have a good chance to get cs for free. All you need to do is download the game from our website. You will recive one of the best shooter in the Wolrld on your PC. Just click the „cs download” button and enjoy your new game. For russian people who wants play cs 1.6 we made another way to get this game, you can „скачать кс 1.6”- it’s the same as „download counter strike 1.6”. In any case you will get a good mood by playing this game. Try Counter-Strike right now…

Download Counter-Strike 1.6
A lot of people are playing cs every day. You can join them right now. We made the best cs 1.6 client for you. Just download it, find a good server and have fun. You can easily add any server to your favorites. Click the „Internet” tab, choose any server on the list and click the right mouse button. In the pop-up menu you need to click „Add this server”. This way you can keep all of your favorite servers on your cs 1.6 client. Also you can find many of the best counter strike 1.6 servers on the game browser. A lot of players are waiting for you in the game and they want to play with you. If you have never played counter strike, this is time to start playing it. The easiest way is to download counter-strike from our web-site. It’s CS 1.6 WarZone version, so it is the most popular game client. A huge number of players have already downloaded it to their computers. Do not miss the chance to get the best game ever for free. All you need to know that Counter Strike will never die. Gamers are downloading cs every day and are playing it for a long time elready. Good luck and have fun!.
in game ads are removed, 100% clean rip from Steam GCFs

working server browser with Internet and Favorite tabs

Multiplying chat;
Crystal clear config;

Performance optimization for good ping and FPS;
Full compatibility with all anticheats;
Select between standard and HD player models;
Full protection of the game client from all vulnerabilities.
Pure assembly with standard weapons;

In order to fall in love with this game, just download Counter-Strike 1.6 from our website in any way convenient for you. You can download the game via direct link or torrent. Welcome to the army of CS 1.6 fans!
New GUI counter strike red/black;

After installation, if the game does not start. Right click on the icon and then select the „run as administrator” option. Most of the time, the game will start, this solution being valid in very few cases. After downloading and installing the game Counter Strike 1.6, you can play online with other players or with bots. In the list of servers you will have where to choose servers from different modes or number of players. Servers can be classified according to ping, number of players or the desired map. The most popular maps are: De_Dust2, Fy_Snow, De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Aztec, Awp_India etc. The bots mode can be played on any map you want. Once you have selected the map, you will be able to enter bots from the H key. The path of the bots will then be configured on that map and you are ready to play. Popular mods availabe: Normal/Clasic, Respawn, GunGame/Deathmatch, Zombie, Furien, BaseBuilder, CSGO, HNS, Jail Break etc
Rifle Tero 2500$ 30/90 36
Weapons/Guns in Counter Strike 1.6:
Our Counter-Strike 1.6 version introduce some new features, new console commands and launch options. Graphically it is the most modern version. The latest high quality models for both tero and ct are included. We offer the fastest servers to download our client. The download takes a maximum of 2 minutes, depending on your internet speed. The installation also takes a maximum of 2 minutes. In total you need 4 minutes to download and install this wonderful game. You can download the game from the 4 four servers available with locations in France, Italy, Germany or Romania. You also have the option to download the game through a torrent client. This is the best version of Counter Strike 1.6 available right now! Contains the latest improvements and news! It is preferred by over 99% of Counter Strike 1.61 players! Low lag, high fps and 0 bugs!
Launch date: 1 November 2000 Last update: 23.06.2020

Steyr Scout


Counter Strike – was launched by Valve in 2000 for PC, Xbox, OS X and Linux. Is one of the most popular versions.

Size: 244 MB. No Ads
Colt M4A1

HDD/SSD Space: 1 GB

SMG CT & Tero 2350$ 50/100 21
Green vision CT & Tero 1250$ You see in darkness
Counter Strike Condition-Zero – It was launched in 2004 and has been noted for offering an interesting campaign mode. Compared to version 1.6 it does not offer too many changes. The graphics have been slightly improved on the weapons and models. Unfortunately, the game did not enjoy as much popularity as Counter Strike 1.6. It was created by Ritual Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios in collaboration with Valve. He stood out with weather effects, Molotov cocktails and some new weapons. On the competitive side, however, it did not arouse interest.

Protection Counter 2200$
Defusing CT 200$ Fast defusing
SMG CT & Tero 1500$ 30/120 26

Name: Type: Team: Money: Ammo: Power/Damage:
HE Grenade
Magnum Sniper

Sniper CT & Tero 2750$ 10/90 75
Sniper Counter 4200$ 30/90 70

How to download and install this game on your PC or Laptop:

Denumire: Tip: Tabara: Pret: Obiectiv:
IDF Defender


Best online servers to play Variety of mods to play.
Desert Eagle
Protection wall
SMG Counter 1400$ 30/120 20

Counter Strike most popular versions:
Click here for download setup Server 2

Protection CT & Tero 1000$ Low damage

FPS: +100 Lag/ping: minimum
ShotGun CT & Tero 3000$ 7/32 120
M3 Super90
Antivirus tested, no virus. Best online version to play, bots included.


Rifle Counter 3100$ 30/90 32
Counter Strike 1.5 – It is the second most popular version of Counter Strike. It is the first to lay the current foundations of the game. Most successful maps have been created on this version. It is the first stable and popular version of the game.

First, sellect the servers, you can chose to download from server 1 France, server 2 Germany, server 3 Italy, server 4 Romania or to download with torrent. After click the server, sellect save and wait for the download to complete. After the download is complete, run the setup file. Sellect Yes when Windows pop-up the window to allow this app. After this step, sellect Next, Next, Next and Start. After the installation process is complete, the game will run.

Defuse Kit
SMG CT & Tero 1700$ 25/100 30

Developer: Valve Genre: Action, Shooter


Rifle Tero 3500$ 30/90 33
Counter Strike 1.6 Info:

Sniper Tero 5000$ 20/90 80

Protocol: 47+48 Engine: Newest, 2020

Dual Elites
System Requirements:

Counter Strike 1.6 2021 Edition. HD Models – 4.7 out of 5 based on 17 votes

Sniper CT & Tero 4750$ 10/30 115

Sig SG-550

Rifle Counter 3500$ 30/90 32

Five Seven
Kevlar + Helmet

Rifle Counter 2250 $ 25/90 30
Sig SG-552
Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 100% same models and skins as Steam.


Ram: 128 MB

Pistol CT & Tero 500 $ 12/100 34

Others: Keyboard, mouse. optional: headphones and mic
FN M249 Para

Pistol Tero 800$ 30/120 36

Counter Strike 1.6 – It is the most popular version of the Counter Strike game of all time. It has been played by millions of players around the world. It’s still a pretty played version. It is a version that offers the strongest feeling of nostalgia. It was launched in 2003 and enjoyed enormous success in a short time. This version enjoyed different tournaments organized in different countries, the game mode of the teams being 5vs5. It is a version that has enjoyed a lot of game maps, updates but also customizations from the fans. The style of play was improved compared to previous versions. The competitive style really made an appearance on this version. 5vs5 mix games are still popular right now.
Click to enlarge image counter-strike.jpgClick to enlarge image counter-strike2.jpgClick to enlarge image counter-strike4.jpg

The only approved version of the Valve.

Pistol CT & Tero 600$ 13/52 32
ShotGun CT & Tero 1700$ 8/32 180

Big Gun CT & Tero 5750$ 100/200 32

Protection CT & Tero 650$ Low damage

Grenade CT & Tero 300$ Low visibility

Pistol CT & Tero 650$ 7/35 54
Steyr TMP

Click here for download torrent.

Download speed: Very fast Installation time: Very fast
G3/SG-1 Sniper
SMG Tero 1400$ 30/100 29

CPU: 800 Mhz Intel/AMD
Flash Bang
SIG P228


C4 Bomb Tero – Bum Bum
Knife Knife CT & Tero – – 65
Click here for download setup Server 1

Pistol Counter 750$ 20/100 20

Rifle Tero 2000$ 35/90 30


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Video Card: 32 MB Intel HD/nVidia/AMD

Counter Strike 1.6 equipment:

Steam HD Models. Free version.

Grenade CT & Tero 300$ To make damage

Pistol CT & Tero 400 $ 20/100 25

Benelli XM1014
Grenade CT & Tero 200$ Disorientation

Download Counter-Strike 1.6
Looking for a site where you can download a good Counter Strike 1.6 working client, you can spend a lot of time After all, any website dedicated to the topic of CS 1.6, is full of various assemblies that can distract from the gameplay beautiful skins weapons, subtle models of players, unusual sounds and other innovations.
Repack 100% license based (Steam);
Download Counter-Strike 1.6
In CS 1.6, there are several ways to win the round: either to kill all the opponents or to execute the card`s primary task, which, after all, is determined by the card itself. The most popular cards at the moment have the following primary tasks: to place and detonate a bomb (with the prefix „de_”) and to withdraw hostages (with the prefix „cs_”). On de_- maps, terrorists try to penetrate a strategic object in order to lay an explosive device there and detonate it, while special forces need to prevent the installation of a bomb, or have time to disarm it. If the round is over and the terrorists are still alive, but the bomb has not been placed or neutralized, the victory is awarded to the team of counterterrorists. On the cs_ – maps, a police unit is required to find all the hostages and take them to a safe place. If the round is over and the SWAT team is still alive and the hostages have not been evacuated, the victory goes to the terrorists.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a popular and exciting team shooting game for more than 20 years, with regular clashes between two sides: terrorists (bandits) and counterterrorists (police). The team of thugs is made up of representatives of various criminal groups from all over the world. The team of counterterrorists is also multinational and represented by soldiers from different special forces.
Counter-Strike 1.6, unlike its ancestor, Half-Life, does not have a strict storyline. As a result, the developers have managed to release a very suitable simulator special operation, limited only to the general team task, which is set by the map, where the „mess” occurs. At the beginning of each round players are given a certain amount of game money (usually $ 800), for which players need to buy a barrel (from a gun to a heavy sniper rifle) and equipment (from a flak jacket to a device for demining explosive devices). The winning team will be awarded additional game dollars and will be able to buy more expensive and efficient weapons and equipment.


Counter-Strike 1.6 Download no Steam, full, clean and free to play! with our Master server full of CS 1.6 servers, you can play the world best action game online or offline with bots. CS 1.6 free download and install within a minute in any windows (XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10).

Multi-LanguagesCounter-Strike 1.6 free download in a multi-language website is a necessity for to prove ourselves as a services to all the players!

How to choose the best download Method?
Clean versions: why so important?
Torrent download button preview
We do provide CS 1.6 WarZone Download for free. With 1 click, you can download and enjoy it with ease, secure and fast download and installation!
Google drive download button preview
Not just this, this version contains new game sounds and especially the weapon sounds that have been changed to fit the edition! CS 1.6 XTCS Final edition is available to download as all of our other versions with all the direct, torrent and google drive methods. Pick one and download cs 1.6 now in an easy way!

So downloading it from our side, we can ensure that you won’t face any of these problems and getting CS 1.6 full of all the game files. And that includes the possibility to connect to any server or mod you choose!

Yes, if you choose to download the non-steam version of the game, you will be able to get it with no cost. The version is 100% similar to Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam, but for free!
After succefull Download, next step is to install! Run the setup as administrator, select installation directory (default recommended) and hit Install! It should be installed just in a few minutes, using the latest installation algorithms, we make sure that exe setup file is highly compressed and fastly installed!
Direct Download button preview

The game first release was in 2003, as a mod of Half-Life. Today it’s the world’s best online game on history! With very simple scenarios, it’s the best place for gamers to show their tactical and gaming skills

In order to install Counter-Strike 1.6, you need to download it first (always for free!). Just select your download preference (direct, google drive or torrent), hit the button and with 1 click you can download it with fastest speed!
Click on a star to rate it!
Protected against Key binding: Counter-Strike 1.6 key bindings is a malicious way used by some providers. The idea is that when you press some keyboard keys you get redirected to some third party server. And that makes your game so annoying! So, we make sure that you download CS 1.6 from secured sources!

CS 1.6 has some major problems especially with Windows 10, 8 and 8.1. Black screen in Windows 10, inability to run in Windows 10, the game crashes or not running at all in Windows 8.

Sounds: CS 1.6 sounds are one of the most necessary things included. Sound effects contain all of weapons sounds, custom maps sounds, Hostage and radio sounds and even more…
With direct download, you have the option of the best speed! Built with a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which allows you to download from the nearest server within 37 points of presence. You don’t have to wait nervously, CDN, make sure you take the shortest and most geographical route to your own computer!
The same changes has been made to the CS 1.6 hostages models, they were replaced and mostly look as the CS:GO version of the game! Let’s not forget about the Counter-Terrorists (CTs), which basically looks the same but enhanced and looks a way better in this mod (edition).
And that do specifically includes the website languages, so we do make sure to add more and more languages per time to be able to give you the best user experience!

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If you download cs 1.6 from our part, we can ensure that all of the sounds are included. So, we can guarantee the best possible sound experience for all players.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is free to download PC game and Windows is the most used operating system for video games. So we make sure that all of our editions works in all Windows versions!
Of course, even if the setup file is made for windows (.exe). You can install and use a Windows emulator on Mac OS, which will allow you to install and play the game on it!

cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

Our versions are made for testing purpose, so players can test different modified versions (Warzone, Original, XTCS Final, CS:GO edition, Source edition…) and in different operating systems (Windows XP, Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)
cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

Is CS 1.6 Free?

CS 1.6 XTCS Free is a new developed edition of the game. This new release is improved in many ways to give the best user experience, with better graphics, new models, new sounds, with the same CS 1.6 requirements as the Steam and the non-Steam versions.
However, this method is advised for users with low download speed. Downloading via torrent allow you to pause and resume it at any time! As well as having near peers will help and boost your speed once again.

CS 1.6 Original Download for free, with the original files, models, sounds and so on! Similar to the Steam, our no Steam client has the same features of the original Steam. But for Free, and more!

Can you play CS 1.6 on MAC OS?

cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download
Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download
Counter-Strike 1.6 Original CD CoverCounter-Strike 1.6 Original Download
Counter-Strike 1.6 is an FPS (first-person shooter) and a Free game which the Terrorist (Ts) team battle to act a terror (bombing, hostage-taking, assassination) and Counter-terrorist (CTs) team tries to prevent them (defusing the bomb, hostage rescue, and so on …)

Protected against SlowHacks: Key binding is a type of Slowhacking in Counter-Strike 1.6, SlowHacking is mainly the bind of the connect command to anything in the game interface. So, if you try to start a new Lan game, open internet tabs, edit options or any type of user or keyboard keys leads to a redirect. And we make sure that all of our CS 1.6 free editions are totally protected!

We do include all the original Steam maps with our distributions and that includes all the popular maps like de_dust2, de_aztec, cs_assault, cs_italy, de_train and much more!
Maps: CS 1.6 has a big variety of maps, with different environments. Desert, Urban, Artic and Jungle are the textures of the most popular environments.

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 from here and choose your preferences! We offer 3 types of download methods, we want to offer all the players and visitors the best way!
No need to describe torrent downloads, peer to peer downloads are one of the most known ways to download games, movies or any type of large or small files!
You can download our client in different languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish…) and in different editions (Original, Warzone, XTCS Final, CS:GO edition, Source edition and more!) always Free!

After all, we are an international community and we do provide our free services to all places around the world.

cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

Counter-Strike 1.6 CS GO edition CoverCounter-Strike 1.6 CS:GO Mod Download

Recommended: 512Mb ram, 128mb graphics video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, 50kbps Internet connection
This CS 1.6 edition is built to make a better realistic experience for the players. Not only the appearance is totally different, but it’s also more protected from all Hacks (Slowhacks, binds, advertising …).
CS 1.6 GO mod is an edited version of CS 1.6 Free client, designed to look 100% identical to the famous Counter-Strike Global Offensive (known as CS GO). With CS:GO radio, player models, weapon models, hands models, sound and hud sprites. All of these features make you able to play CS 1.6 with and experience of CSGO gameplay.
About the game:
So, here you can choose the language you prefer to download cs 1.6 for free! And that includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Arabic, German and much more!

Counter-Strike 1.6 WarZone CD CoverCounter-Strike 1.6 WarZone Download

Counter-Strike 1.6

Requirements :

Counter-Strike 1.6 Download – CS 1.6 Download Free


Everyone has a different internet network speed, while some prefer to use torrent download due to slow internet. Others want to download directly, simply and easier, with 1 click. We offer google drive download as well, use it to save CS 1.6 for later cloud upload!
So, what makes this version different? Apparently, absolutely nothing. everything looks the same, but it’s faster and totally for free. With edited DLLs, we make sure to get ride of all unnecessary files and engines that makes the game slower. Which allows you to get the lowest possible FPS and reduce the lag as possible. This also allows us to offer the game for you with no cost. which you can use it for any type of testing or play!

We’re happy to say that we do offer the CS 1.6 free download with high frequently custom updates. So we can ensure that you get the latest version and install it right in your computer!
We can guarantee the best user experience to all the CS 1.6 players around the world. That includes security, reliability and fastest possible download speed with a full package of No-Steam Free Counter-Strike 1.6. Our editions are made to work in any Windows version without any bug or game crash and that requires the full files.
CS 1.6 XTCS CD CoverCounter-Strike 1.6 XTCS Final release Download
Counter-Strike Source was released in 2004 for Windows. It is a remake of the Original CS with the same gameplay, CTs and Trs objectives, maps… Initially, it was bundled with all retail and digital copies of Half-Life 2. So, it was released later as a single game in Steam

We provide you with a pc Windows versions without any kind of problems and after many tests, we can say and guarantee that all of our editions works perfectly in all Windows versions!

Torrent Download:

Google Drive Download:
At the start, all the models have been changed. Starting with the players’ models and replacing the old CS 1.6 ones with some kind of similar looking and a little bit more realistic. Even the weapon models have been changed to look in a new and I can say cooler and unique way!
Without the full files of CS 1.6, you can different problems. That includes games crashes, inability to play in some mods, inability to play in certain maps. It also includes the inability to use some sprites, sounds and models. So mainly, Unfull CS 1.6 makes it so awful to play, or impossible to play at all!

It has same game models, sounds and sprites as the original Steam and no Steam editions of the game
Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone was released on November 18, 2013. And fastly becomes the most popular and famous edition that you can find it and enjoy playing it online!

This is the best and fastest download method, no need to leave the website or third-party software to download CS 1.6. With a simple click, you can grab it to your computer, just using the web browser!

Counter Strike 1.6 CS:Source edition CD coverCounter-Strike 1.6 Source edition Download
All of our published editions are totally clean and fully secured! You can play the game without any doubt of Slow Hacking, Advertisements or any type of cyber attacking.
cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download
cs 1.6
However, CS 1.6 CS:GO edition (known well as CS 1.6 GO Mod) contains a total modificaion of the free and original non-Steam client. Unlike the other versions, the change here is obviously clean and contains everything! You can see that especially in players models (skins) of the Terrorists team, which they has been replaced with new looking ones.
security lock logo
This is another CS 1.6 download method that we do offer! and we can kindly call it an alternative to both other methods.

This edition has everything basically changed. That starts with the GUI picture, the menus (config, console, server browser…) colors. However, XTCS CS 1.6 is somehow to developed in a cool grey way making it spectacular one.

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Free Full editions, once and always for free! Choose the best edition that you do prefer. Install with a totally secure and performance from our website and installation setup files.
Direct Download:

This edition has the same requirements and files as Steam one. That goes for everything related to CS 1.6. Starting from models, which include player models between Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. As well as the hostages’ models! It includes also the same sounds, like the sound effects, weapons sounds and third-party maps sounds (like in cs_italy).

Full Editions: What makes it special?

Let’s not forget about the sprites, they are one of the basic files which make it more and more similar to the original Steam. Like the radar, weapons icons, shooting sprites and more…
Counter-Strike 1.6 is an FPS action game made in 2003 (final release) by Valve. We as the GS2US Community publishing the no Steam versions of the game. We offer all players an opportunity to test and play the game in any of our servers.
Install Instructions:
We offer a web host torrent seed with our CDN network, so we can guarantee that you can download CS 1.6 as fast as possible using your torrent client!
We made it similar to the original edition, making CS 1.6 warzone is as fast as possible. With a custom modification beyond the algorithms, reducing the files cashes, requests and getting ride of the unused files. You can get the highest and best FPS with the lowest possible Lag (we guarantee No Lag for common specifics)

Counter-Strike 1.6 Source edition is an free edited edition of the CS 1.6 client, totally modified to make it similar to CS:S (Counter-Strike Source). With new skins (players and hands), sounds and sprites the game looks identical to CS:S, the client is totally clean and secured against all types of Hacks (Slow Hacks, Binds, Auto-connect…)

This version of the game has the same system requirements as the original no Steam Counter-Strike 1.6 client, nothing more is needed, you can download and play it for free without any lag now!
Minimum: 192Mb ram, 32mb graphics video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, 20kbps Internet connection

Average rating 4.6 / 5. Vote count: 392553

So, no need for high requirements, this version actually has the same requirements as all the CS 1.6 free clients!

Google Drive one of the most known shares and cloud file storage system, allows you to download Counter-Strike 1.6 in case you can’t connect to our host. (This is extremely rare, 99% uptime so nearly impossible, but we do cover all the cases!). As well, Google Drive allows you to save the file to your own google cloud drive!

However, if you want to choose between Windows emulators for MAC. We advise that you use one of the above Softwares: Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, WineBottler. Each of these three are well known, tested and should do the work properly.
Works in all Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10):
cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download


Parsisiųsti Counter-strike 1.6 žaidimą nemokamai
Counterstrike 1.6 žaidimas
Sveiki atvykę į XTCS.LT! Mūsų svetainėje galėsite atsisiųsti populiariausia XTCS žaidimo klientą. Čia rasite visą įmanomą informacija apie Counter-strike 1.6 žaidimą. Orginalus CS 1.6 žaidimas yra seniausias ir populiariausias žaidimas pasaulyje. CS tai online pirmo asmens šaudyklė, kuria galima žaisti online su draugais. Dauguma žaidimų kūrėjų bandė sukurti geresnį šaudyklę, bet jiems nepavyko. Net šiomis dienos šį žaidimą žaidžia tūkstančiai žaidėjų. Pas mus svetainėje rasite „exe“ instaliacijos failus, failai užima tik ~ 250 MB. Todėl greitai galėsite atsisiųsti per 1–2 min. Greita ir paprasta. XTCS.lt svetainė yra labai paprasta ir patogi naudotis. Tiesiog paspauskite tiesioginę nuorodą .ZIP .RAR .EXE arba naudodami „uTorrent“ programą, norintiems pasiekti maksimalų siuntimo greitį. Kaip gauti žaidimą naudojant uTorrent programa, skaitykite žemiau. Šis klientas suderinamas su visomis operacinėmis sistemomis „Microsoft Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP / 95/98/2000 / Vista“ ir MAC kompiuteriais. Klientas neturi jokių neleistinų modifikacijų, randa daug serverių ir turi sumanius botus. Mūsų Master Server leidžia surasti geriausius serverius.

Kas yra counter strike? Ar galima žaisti be interneto? Ar tai nemokamas žaidimas? Kodėl žmonės vis dar tai žaidžia? Ar CS yra miręs? Kada yra sukurtas Counter Strike? Kaip įdiegti?
cs žaidimo screenai
Kaip atsisiųsti ir įdiegti CS 1.6?
pilna versija cs 1.6 žaidimo versija
Norėdami žaisti „CounterStrike 1.6“ internetinį šaudyklę, pirmiausia turite gauti instaliacijos failą ir įdiegti jį į savo kompiuterį. Mūsų XTCS.lt svetaineje rasite nuorodą, kuri itin greitai parsiųs counterį. Sekite ir atlikite šiuos veiksmus:

Spustelėkite mygtuką DOWNLOAD Direct link
Pasirinkite, kur norite išsaugoti žaidimą – C: / | D: / | E: ar kitą HDD kietajį diską kompiuteryje
Atsisiuntimas pradės siųsti cs, palaukite, kol kompiuteryje bus failų
Paleiskite atsisiųstą Cs 1.6 instaliacijos failą
Tada spustelėkite Kitas
Pasirinkite vietą, kur norite įdiegti žaidimą. Pvz.: C:/games
Spustelėkite mygtuką „next”
Palaukite „CounterStrike 1.6“ diegimo pabaigos
Spustelėkite baigti ir paleiskite žaidima paspaudus piktogramą iš darbalaukio. Mėgaukitės žaidimu!
cs diegimo instrukcijos
Ką reikia žinoti apie šiuos žaidimo failus?
Counterstrike 1,6 nuotrauka
Jei nerandant pilnai veikiančios CS 1.6 versijos be jokių bugų, ar kitų problemų, tuomet užsukute į reikiamą vietą.

Pas mus galite nemokamai atsisiųsti Counter straiką greitai ir nemokamai, be jokių virusų ar kenkėjiškų programų. Čia galite siųstis Cs 1.6 failus veikiančius be problemų.

Gavę šio žaidimo kopiją patvirtinate, kad turite teisėtą „Counter-Strike“ versiją. Taip pat patvirtinate, kad atsisiųsta kopija bus naudojama tik jūsų asmeniniam naudojimui.

Kadangi mūsų svetainės serveriai yra labai greitai, žaidimo siuntimas užtruks vos keletą akimirkų.

cs 1,6 žaidimų ekranas
Kaip siustis CS 1.6 per torrent?
torrent cs 1,6
„Torrent“ yra populiari programa, per kuria galima siųstis failus greičiau bei sustabdyti ir testi siuntimasį. Per šią programą galite gauti muzikos, filmų, programų, vaizdo žaidimų failus ir dar daugiau. Jei norite gauti cs 1.6 su „torrent“, pirmiausia siųskite „UTorrent“ programą ir įdiekite ją į savo kompiuterį. Kai turite programą savo kompiuteryje, galite nemokamai atsisiųsti Counter-Strike 1.6. Gauti Cs 1.6 niekada nebuvo taip paprasta ir lengva. Tiesiog spustelėkite mygtuką „Direct link Download”, tada spustelėkite „atidaryti naudojant” uTorrent ” . Atsidarys langas, išsirinkite, kur norite išsaugoti failą. Pasirinkite vietą „atsisiuntimai“ ir spustelėkite Gerai. Kai atsisiunčiate, eikite į katalogą, kuriame išsaugote diegimo failą. Dabar klientą reikia įdiegti į savo kompiuterį. Įdiegę savo kompiuteryje turėsite „counterstrike 1.6“ žaidimą.

cs 1,6 prisijungimo ekranas
Kas yra Counter-strike 1.6?
Counter-strike yra online bei offline pirmojo asmens šaudymo žaidimas. Galite žaisti internetu žaidimo serveriuose su draugais. Arba galite žaisti offline, naudodami automatinius žaidėjų – botus, kurie puikiai tinka visiems žaidimų režimams. CS tai yra vienas populiariausių internetinių šaudyklių, kurį pastaruosius dvidešimt metų žaidė ir žaidžia tūkstančiai žaidėjų. Iš pradžių cs geimas buvo sukurtas ir išleistas kaip „Half-Life“ modifikacija, kurį 1999 m. Pateikė Gooseman ir Jess Cliffe. Galiausiai „Valve“ išleido „Microsoft Windows“ platformoje 2000 m. Žmonės žaidžia šį multiplayer šaudyklę ištisas kartas. Tėvai žaidžia kartu su savo vaikais, kartu toje pačioje komandoje. Be jokios abejonės, tai yra populiariausia pirmojo asmens šaudyklė internete. Taigi kokia yra tokio populiarumo paslaptis? Atsakymas paprastas, cesas labai skiriasi nuo kitų daugelio žaidėjų šaudyklių dėl savo išskirtinių privalumų: dinamiškas žaidimas, unikali istorija, įdomūs game režimai. Žaidimo tikslas yra gana paprastas – žaidėjai yra suskirstyti į dvi komandas: kovos su teroristais (specialiosios pajėgos) ir teroristais. Kiekviena komanda žaidime turi savo ginklus ir tam tikrus tikslus.

Žanras: Veiksmo žaidimas / Žaidžiamas internete / Šaudyklė
Kūrėjas: „Valve“
Leidėjas: „Valve Corporation“
Kalba: Lietuvių, Anglų
Režimai: LAN, Internetu / Atsijungęs vienas su botomis
cs 1,6 serveriai
Žaidimo PC reikalavimai
„Counter-strike 1.6“ nereikia galingo kompiuterio turinčio galingą vaizdo plokštę GPU ar procesorių CPU. Ši šaudyklė veikia betkokiame kompiuteriuje, veikia net 20m. senumo kompiuteriuose! Jei norite žaisti šį žaidimą nemokamai be jokio lago,jūsų kompiuterio parametrai turi būti didesni nei minimalūs CS reikalavimai. Negalėsite paleisti „CounterStrike“, jei jūsų kompiuterio parametrai bus mažesni nei minimalūs reikalavimai. Jei atsisiųsite mūsų XTCS žaidimo klientą, kuris turi daugiau FPS, nelagina, turi mažesnį ping, toks klientas veikia net ant prasčiausių kompiuterių.

Minimalūs reikalavimai:
Procesorius – 0,8 GHz
RAM – 128 MB
GPU – 32 MB
Laisva vieta HDD – 650 MB
Prieiga prie interneto, klaviatūra, pelė, ausinės.
Rekomenduojami reikalavimai:
Procesorius – 1,2 GHz
RAM – 512 MB
GPU – 128 MB
Laisva vieta HDD – 750 MB
Prieiga prie interneto, klaviatūra, pelė, ausinės.

Kodėl žaidėjai vis dar žaidžia šį žaidimą?
Counteris nėra miręs. Tūkstančiai žmonių vis dar žaidžia CS 1.6 kasdien. Serveriai yra pilni žmonių, žaidžia tiek kiek buvo išleidimo data. Viena iš priežasčių, kodėl žmonės jį žaidžia, yra pirmasis žaidimas, kuris pradėjo pirmuosius esporto turnyrus. Tai leido pritraukti daug žaidėjų į CS. Taigi geimas tapo dar populiaresnis, ir vis daugiau žmonių susidomėjo šia šaudyklę.

Žmonės pradėjo varžytis tarpusavį, ir netrukus susiformavo e-sporto komandos. Konkurencinis žaidimas niekada nebus nuobodus, dėl tos pačios priežasties šis žaidimas vis dar populiarus ir dabar.

Neabejotinai galime sutikti, kad šis puikus multiplayer geimas labai prisidėjo prie esporto ir žaidimų plėtros. Kodėl žaidėjai vis dar žaidžia CS 1.6? Viena iš priežasčių yra daugybė žaidimų versijų ir skirtingų serverių. Bet kas gali nemokamai atsisiųsti ir įdiekti per keletą minučių. Svarbiau yra tai, kad visi žmonės gali jį žaisti, nes šiam online FPS nereikia gero kompiuterio, kad jį paleistų. Galite jį žaisti naudodamiesi bet kokiais kompiuteriais, nešiojamaisiais kompiuteriais su silpna vaizdo kortele ir prastu procesoriumi.

Vyresnio amžiaus žaidėjai žino, kad šį žaidimą ėjo žaisti tik kompiuterių kavinėse. O šiuo metu bet kas gali atsisiųsti ir žaisti nemokamai. Buvo dienų, kai žmonės norėjo, bet negalėjo jo žaisti… dabar viskas labai paprasta. Svarbu žinoti, kad Counter 1.6 yra labai senas, tai reiškia, kad jame yra daug klaidų ir bugų. Štai kodėl žmonės pradėjo saugoti, atnaujinti failus ir sukūrė XTCS.

Šiuo metu žaidimas yra nemokamas, patobulintas ir dar įdomesnis, XTCS išspręndė daug problemų, bugų ir patobulino žaidimo klientą.


Cs 1.6 Windows 10 download
Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2013
Atsisiusti Cs 1.6
Cs 1.6 LongHorn PRO
Valve Corporation is the creator of this great game. A brief history of valve will allow you access to even more CS game and even more to love it.
Cs 1.6

Cs 1.6 XTCS
Some videos from Counter-Strike 1.6 install: You have to find the right on line site to download Counter Strike 1.6. To find suitable site to download 1.6 is not so simple. Many offers to download counter strike, which has all kinds of extraneous files, that have influence of playing. So we offer 1.6 download free from our website www.cybersports.lt. When you do that, you need the downloaded setup file to install in to your computer. Do it in the following order:1. At first you must click on button Counter-strike 1.6 download – there it CS 1.6 setup file.2. Then select, local disk C:/ ; D:/ or another disk on your computer, where you want to save CS 1.6 setup file.3. After that wait for download finish.4. When download finish, run downloaded CS 1.6 download installation file.5. Click next and select where you want to install CS 1.6 game(disk C:/ ; D:/ or another disk on your computer).6. Again click next and wait for counter-Strike 1.6 download game installation finish.7. When installation finish, click finish and run CS 1.6 from desktop shortcut.Thank you for choosing our website www.csdownload.lt for downloading Counter-strike 1.6!
Cs 1.6 Original
Cs 1.6 KGB
Cs 1.6 Orange Box
Cs 1.6 Servers
Counter-strike 1.6 full install fileCounter-strike 1.6 full install file
Cs 1.6 with bots
Cs 1.6 HD
Cs 1.6 for Windows 8/8.1

Cs 1.6 for Windows 8/8.1
Download Cs 1.6
Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2011
Online Cs 1.6 game
Setings CS 1.6When you download Counter-Strike 1.6 game, you can immediately take to play online or with bots. Playing with bots will not create problems, but playing online may cause some inconvenience if your PC is old. Therefore playing online should make a few settings that will facilitate the game. First of all go to where cs 1.6 installed. Find cstrike directory, then find a config file that will be opened with notepad programm. In this file entry or make a few changes such as:rate 25000- data retention logged in to the servercl_cmdrate 101- indicates the number of times per second the client informs the server of its actionscl_updaterate 101- indicates the number of times per second the server informs the client about what is happening on the server.ex_interp 0.01- according to information received from the server, the client calculates the player’s approximate location.fps_max 100- the number of frames per second displayed on your screennet_graph 3- enable game you will see the FPS.Sensitivity- mouse sensitivity. Number recorded and retained in accordance with your requirements.After completing these changes be sure to make apply and save. Second important thing that you must to do, is configuring video card settings. These have to do FPS 100. The video card you have to make a vertical sync off. When you play cs 1.6 game ping will be smaller.
Install CS 1.6
Protected Cs 1.6
Cs 1.6 Latest version
CS 1.6 for Android Mobile

Install XTCS CS 1.6New edition called Counter-strike 1.6, XTCS Team gathered in itself all the maximum performance from the original toys. Developers squeezed out of the engine Half-Life 1, almost everything possible to achieve the highest performance level. Now the game is different from the normal version cs 1.6 not only improved textures and more dynamic sound, but also surpasses the original by model.So, we suggest you download another gameCounter-Strike XTCS 1.6 install. XTCS containing the changes such as: better graphics, change of the menu, the model has changed hands and textures, sounds change to more realistic. The game became so real, its appearance is different from the counter-strike 1.6 by default. XTCS version PC requires the same requirements as the default cs 1.6. We also distribute this Cs 1.6 version of the game, which is no different from the original. Install fully protected from slowhacks, binds, advertising.

Cs 1.6 full Russian

Cs 1.6 Na’Vi download
Protected Cs 1.6
Wanting to play Cs 1.6 , first you need to download it. You can do this on our website csdownload.lt. Our site shows how to download Counter strike 1.6 and install it on your computer.

Cs 1.6 Server Boost
Download Cs 1.6
Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2011

Cs 1.6 Na’Vi download
Cs 1.6
Cs 1.6 LongHorn Skull
Counter strike 1.6 full game – play game without lagCounter strike 1.6 full game – play game without lag
Cs 1.6 sulietuvintas
Cs 1.6 Servers
Cs 1.6 TPB
Cs 1.6 v43
Counter-Strike 1.6 is a first person shooter. Like any shooter game fights going on between the factions. In the following descriptions, we will present you with a counter-strike groups.
cs 1.6 cfg
Cs 1.6 TPB
Cs 1.6 with bots
New Cs 2017 install
Cs 1.6 download with torrent
Fan made version
Cs 1.6 WaRzOnE
Our CS 1.6 download page will present you with weapons in this game, which is quite a lot. No one can not imagine the Counter-strike 1.6 without weapons. Weapons and modifications appearance gives beauty for Counter-strike game free.
Cs 1.6 Russian butcher
Cs 1.6 HD

Why we have created a web page csdownload.lt? We did it for you! Currently there are many internet sites that offer to CS 1.6 download install. Many proposed instal game is corrupt, it is cluttered with junk that somehow affects the game.
Cs 1.6 V35
cs1.6 installcs 1.6 install instructionCounter-Strike 1.6 full install
Cs 1.6 47-48 protocol
Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2012
Cs 1.6 v43
Before you download cs 1.6, you should make sure your computer has the necessary requirements that you could play CS qualitatively. Our web site take care of it. Our CS download setup file is compatible with all version’s of Microsoft (Windows 8 windows 8.1,windows 7, windows xp, windows vista, windows 95, windows 98, windows 2000, windows 10 ) operating system’s.
Cs 1.6 Windows 10 download
Cs 1.6 PRO

Cs 1.6 Non Steam
Steam Store

Steam is an integral counter-strike part of the game so we are forced to introduce a fan of our page with it. So in our cs 1.6 download free web page you will have the opportunity to to know what it is STEAM

Online Cs 1.6 game

Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2013
Cs 1.6 Russian butcher
Link to original CS 1.6 download.
cs1.6 rate setingscs 1.6 install aboutCounter-Strike 1.6 server
Cs 1.6 sulietuvintas
Cs 1.6 free
Cs 1.6 Server Boost
Download XTCSDownload XTCS
Cs 1.6 Latest version
computer setingscs 1.6 install computerCounter-Strike 1.6 server computer
Cs 1.6 KGB

Online game free download

Cs 1.6 PRO
Counter-Strike 1.6 originalcs 1.6 online gameCounter-Strike 1.6 full install
Cs 1.6 free
Cs 1.6 LongHorn PRO
Install CS 1.6So, counter-strike 1.6 server is currently still popular on line game. Hundreds of thousands players have CS in own computer. Why CS 1.6 still popular?One of the reasons why CS 1.6 popular is that it is an old game. You only need to write in the web browser Google, Yahoo, Bing counter-strike search keywords such as: download Cs, Cs 1.6 free download, Counter-strike 1.6 download, Cs, Cs 1.6, Cs 1.6 full, than you’re welcome to download CS big offer. Once downloaded to your PC , after playing counter-strike game to understand that this is a good game. During the game you can communicate with other players and make new friends as well.Another reason why Counter-strike 1.6 well liked is that, this game is available to download completely free (non setam). Of course nowadays, there are many internet sites, that offer free Counter-Strike 1.6 downloads. But not all links are good! This is because web pages administrators spoiled the game installation, adding there slow hack, advertisements, binds. All of these things complicate your computer.Our site csdownload.lt offers to choice only in our Counter-strike cs 1.6 game link. This is a really clean Counter-Strike 1.6. You’ll be satisfied downloading CS 1.6 from our website.Another very important reason for determining cs 1.6 popularity is that this game requires very little of your computer’s resources. Nowadays are produced by powerful computers, but not everyone can afford such to buy.Counter strike 1.6 popularity of the game due to the fact, that there is a large selection of servers. CS 1.6 has MasterServer, which enables you to find on line CS 1.6 servers. So Counter-strike 1.6 is and will be for many years a popular among online players.Select our site www.csdownload.lt to download this good and old shooter game and enjoy!
Cs 1.6 Clean Edition

Cs 1.6 cfg

Cs 1.6 V35
Cs 1.6 full Russian

Cs 1.6 GameTracker
New Cs 2017 install

Cs 1.6 CS:GO Edition

Atsisiusti Cs 1.6
Download Cs 1.6
Cs 1.6 XTCS

cs1.6 XTCS installcs 1.6 XTCS install instructionCounter-Strike 1.6 XTCS full install

Cs 1.6 CS:GO Edition
Cs 1.6 WaRzOnE
Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2012
Steam Store
Cs 1.6 Non Steam
Cs 1.6 MasterServer
Cs 1.6 download with torrent
Counter-Strike 1.6 original installcs 1.6 online game install instructionCounter-Strike 1.6 full install file
Counter-Strike 1.6 is still reigns between computer games and its popularity determines a few simple things. So Counter-strike 1.6 is extraordinary game. Download CS 1.6 for free from our www.csdownload.lt page then recommend to your friends.
The main CS 1.6 settingsThe main CS 1.6 settings
Setings compjuter CS 1.6Proposed by us free counter-strike 1.6 instal game require minimum of your computer resources therefore, that the exe file size takes up only 250 MB of hard disk space. Such a small file size, does not have significant impact on your computer’s settings.Counter-Strike 1.6 client is compatible with all Microsoft Windows(xp, 7, 8, 8.1, vista) operating system version’s. This is another reason, why you choose us, for free download cs 1.6 full game.It is important to know, if your computer has the necessary settings to play Cs 1.6 without lag. If you play the game without lag, it means that your computer has at least the minimum required settings, and that your counter-strike 1.6 download install file is of good quality. We offer free download Counter-strike 1.6, which requires very little of your computer’s resources.Minimal CS 1.6 requirements:CPU- 0.8GHZ, RAM- 128MB, GPU- 32MB, Free HDD space- 650MB. Recommended CS 1.6 requirements:CPU- 1.2GHZ, RAM- 512MB, GPU- 128MB, Free HDD space- 750MB.

Cs 1.6 Original
Cs 1.6 Clean Edition

It should be mentioned that Counter- strike 1.6 popular not only in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russian, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Germany, France and mor country.
Cs 1.6 MasterServer

Download Cs 1.6 2016

Cs 1.6 47-48 protocol

Cs 1.6 LongHorn Skull

Playing any game of special interest to know what is the essence of the game. Is not enough to download Counter Strike 1.6 and play it without knowing its essence and rules. We will introduce you to the game that you can play knowing the rules and tasks.
Cs 1.6 Orange Box
Download Cs 1.6 2016
CS 1.6 install instructionsCS 1.6 install instructions

Fan made version
Cs 1.6 GameTracker
Counter Strike 1.6 downloadCounter Strike 1.6 download
Cs 1.6 mobile android

– 100% clean rip from Steam GCFs (Game cache files)
– Half-Life Single/Multiplayer is also included
Counter Strike 1.6

96mb ram 128mb ram
– Full protection against all types of slow hacking servers
– Playable on Internet and LAN
– HLTV is also included and works
– Compatible with latest sXe Injected anticheat
500 mhz processor 800 mhz processor
– Engine version ( build 4554)
– Includes latest Counter Strike 1.6 bots
Keyboard Keyboard
– Release date November 18, 2013
– Only 256MB setup size
– Working server browser with Internet, Favorite and LAN tabs
– Include latest AMX Mod X v1.8.2 (disabled by default)
Counter Strike 1.6 is the most popular online team shooter in history, and for good reason. More than a decade on it is still the best and the most entertaining game of its type, has the best scenarios, and is the best place for gamers to really show their mouse skills.
Release Date: 1 Nov, 2000
Developer: Valve
– Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Dedicated Server is also included
– In game ads are removed
– Client can join P47 as well as P48 servers
Genre: Action
16mb video card 32mb video card

– Working Dedicated and Listen server (Steam and non-Steam)
Publisher: Valve
Counter Strike 1.6
Internet Connection Internet Connection
Mouse Mouse
– Include latest Metamod-P v1.21p37

– Can be used as Portable
Play the world’s number 1 online action game. Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this wildly popular team-based game. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team’s success. Your team’s success affects your role.

– Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client
Windows XP Windows XP
Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike 1.6
– Release date November 18, 2013
– Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Dedicated Server is also included
– Include latest AMX Mod X v1.8.2 (disabled by default)
– Include latest Metamod-P v1.21p37
Keyboard Keyboard
– In game ads are removed

– Working server browser with Internet, Favorite and LAN tabs
Play the world’s number 1 online action game. Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this wildly popular team-based game. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team’s success. Your team’s success affects your role.
96mb ram 128mb ram
– Engine version ( build 4554)

Publisher: Valve

– Client can join P47 as well as P48 servers

16mb video card 32mb video card
Please post on Forums for any game issues and bans.
– Can be used as Portable
Developer: Valve
Windows XP Windows XP
– HLTV is also included and works
Internet Connection Internet Connection
500 mhz processor 800 mhz processor

Genre: Action

Counter Strike 1.6 is the most popular online team shooter in history, and for good reason. More than a decade on it is still the best and the most entertaining game of its type, has the best scenarios, and is the best place for gamers to really show their mouse skills.
– Full protection against all types of slow hacking servers
Mouse Mouse
– Includes latest Counter Strike 1.6 bots
– Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client
– 100% clean rip from Steam GCFs (Game cache files)
Release Date: 1 Nov, 2000
– Half-Life Single/Multiplayer is also included
Counter Strike 1.6
– Working Dedicated and Listen server (Steam and non-Steam)
– Compatible with latest sXe Injected anticheat
– Playable on Internet and LAN
– Only 256MB setup size


4. Wait for the end of the download cs 1.6.
* In LAN mode added option to launch listen server
9. Then again click “Next” and wait for the end of the installation.
Counter Strike 1.6 Warzone

Click here to contact us!
In the primary retail announcement, a little single-player only practice map was involved but this was liquidated when the game was assigned to Steam.
You decided to download cs 1.6, but do not know how to start. Read these instructions on how to download and install cs 1.6. Counter-strike 1.6 download takes only 1-2 minutes. Follow these instructions

How To do WarGod scan (video) ?

* Included FeNix.lt MasterServer (LT Servers),fully working serverbrowser with favorites
free game cs 1.6Counter Strike 1.6 game is one of the most popular , and certainly the best of the best in the world.Game type is a first person shooter ( FPS ) , the beautiful game has more than 10 years, although the game is really old its popularity still amounts to a very high position and good as new very good graphics possess the FPS type games.Counter Strike 1.6 Download – This is the full ( uncropped ) CS 1.6 game client download cs 1.6 free full you can use uTorrent gadget (preferably those with the internet speed is very low ) or via a direct link. CS 1.6 package is added FeNix.lt masterserver,with this nice thing you will see Lithuanian servers list,included standard models , sounds and maps ( de_dust2 , de_nuke , de_train , de_inferno , etc.) .You can download Counter Strike 1.6 absolutely free of charge , but it is doing so you acknowledge that you have the original / legal ( steamed ) copy of the game and this non steam copy use only their personal use .CS 1.6 Install features:
* Removed all Half-Life maps and more
* Protocol 48 newest version
counter strike downloadDOWNLOAD CS
Since the nature of the right, various series and spinoffs have been built, such as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, and the most advanced in the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

* Added more cs maps

6. In the opened table, click on the “RUN”.

5. When the game is already downloaded, click on “Counter-Strike 1.6.exe file.
cs original Counter – Strike 1.6 Download

Counter Strike 1.6 CS-GO Edition

How To Upload Demo/ss to admin (video)?

7. The next table that opens, click “Next”.
Following about a year in Beta stages, the first full announcement of the mod was declared on November 9, 2000, and the game remained also available at retailers in North America soon thereafter, on November 14, 2000.

You must login if you want to participate in chat.
8. Select the location on your hard drive where you want to place the CS 1.6.
Counter-strike download Counter Strike 1.6 Download Counter-strike 1.6 download install Counter-strike 1.6 download

7. The next table that opens, click “Next”.
* Fully working HLTV
1. Go to the bottom of the page and select one of the two counter strike 1.6 download button SETUP DOWNLOAD or TORRENT FILE DOWNLOAD.
Counter-Strike (also exchanged as Half-Life: Counter-Strike) is a multiplayer first-person shooter originally designed by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe as a mod for Half-Life. By the fifth beta, Valve Software began actively engaging in the development and eventually bought the claims to the game and extended the original developers works at the company which both of them admitted.
You decided to download cs 1.6, but do not know how to start. Read these instructions on how to download and install cs 1.6. Counter-strike 1.6 download takes only 1-2 minutes. Follow these instructions:
Download cs 1.6 original install
* Emulator REVOLUTiON 9.81

9. Then again click “Next” and wait for the end of the installation.
cs 1.6 freeDOWNLOAD CS
* Game realase, V43, Build 4554.


There are three official situations, each including their partners, purposes, and plans. In all events, the couple teams are the Counter-Terrorists standing off against the Terrorists.
Counter Strike 1.6 XTCS
* Added zBots in this realase
Counter Strike 1.6 Lietuviškas
* Fast CS 1.6 Download from our website
instal Counter Strike 1.6 Installation Instructions
* Our Counter-Strike 1.6 client is compatible with all Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/vista
8. Select the location on your hard drive where you want to place the CS 1.6.
Counter Strike 1.6 Installation Instructions

3. Press the button, which way you decide to download the game.
Counter-Strike has been appreciated global for its highly competitive multiplayer. The arrangement to make the game multiplayer-only sources back to its mod origins. Doing a single-player game would become required much more extra work as different models and AI code would be required for opponents as opposed to a multiplayer match which requires considerably more molecular activity.

instal cs 1.6 About counter strike 1.6 game
2. SETUP DOWNLOAD – cs 1.6 direct download link and TORRENT FILE DOWNLOAD – cs 1.6 torrent file download.
How To Install Counter Strike 1.6 (video) ?
* Fixed bug with sv_lan 0

10. After all, click “Finish”

This is a fully functional Counter-strike 1.6 WaRzOnE game that will allow you to enjoy this classic game.
It’s enough just to go on the link and wait for the download. After that all actions are completely standard and you can spend more than one hour at the computer, completely immersed in the legendary game, attracting millions of people worldwide.

Protection against all types of hacking;
Add the latest cs 1.6 bots;

Another great advantage will be the absence of every bug, if you decide to download free cs 1.6 original. For example, we tested assembly at eight, with which many users have previously connected to a serious problem. When contacting us, you can be sure that no missions from the game and fully concentrate directly on the game cs 1.6.

If you need tov download the original counter-strike 1.6 free, then you can do it with our help.
cs 1.6 downloadCounter-strike 1.6 game servers
Well now you know where you can download cs 1.6 for windows 7/8/10, without any problems you have. The biggest part of servers counter-strike 1.6 spoil the game client by you advertising, bind keys, and even viruses without your knowledge. In our assembly, the cs 1.6 established the protection that blocks any disallowed commands sent by the server! If you need a stable and high quality assembling counter-strike 1.6, you have the opportunity to download free cs 1.6 and be sure in its quality and its security on all 100%.
These servers attract players with simplicity and team play.

cs 1.6 download

If you need todownload the original counter-strike 1.6 free, then you can do it with our help.

Let’s not forget about the protection that prevents third-party intervention game servers in the form of advertising, binds and other things. Cs 1.6 download via torrent for free, install it and select the liking for a server.
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The most popular cs 1.6 server mod is Public Server.
Configuring and managing bots in csmenu. For you we have provided different ways of downloading the client, you can counter strike download via torrent , or any other convenient for you way. In counter-strike 1.6 already has built-in protection against spoofing and advertising files.
In the game client now available to write in the chat in english. Often old cs 1.6 do not run on Windows 8, the majority of players complained that the counter-strike suggested and eject with games or doesn’t start. Our team has gathered an entirely new assembly cs 1.6, where everything works without missions from games and without any lags.

Quality menu design in dark tones, new sprites (icons) that gives very pleasant views. New Steam models „ct” and „tt” more beautiful and high quality drawn very nicely and effectively look, as well as in the cs there are bots.

Working server browser with Internet and LAN;
Now you are just one step away from being able to download cs 1.6 torrent, that will work consistently and without problems.
Make your choice counter-strike 1.6 download right now and make sure that this is the best build of the cs 1.6.

Currently popular and favorite servers are Gun Game, CSDM, Knife, Death Match, Surf, Zombie and other.

cs 1.6 download gameIs it worth to download the game counter strike 1.6 ?

Dear friends want you to provide new game client, counter strike 1.6 all lang chat. Now you don’t need to wander on the internet in search of the counter-strike 1.6 download. On our site you have the option to download it for free.

We present you one of the most new and unique game client assemblies CS 1.6 Full Edition . The client is compiled on the basis of the original cs 1.6, maximum removed all unnecessary files, reduced weight cs 1.6.
Double Protocol (48 + 47);
Engine version ( build 4554);
However, cs 1.6 has broken and can say that it is even more popular than the Counter-strike Source game.

cs 1.6
Counter-Strike 1.6 freecs 1.6 full downloadCounter-Strike 1.6 full

Often we are looking for a good Counter-strike 1.6 server.

Another great advantage will be the absence of every bug, if you deside to download free cs 1.6 original. For example, we tested assembly at eight, with which many users have previously connected to a serious problem. When contacting us, you can be sure that no missions from the game and fully concentrate directly on the game.
Each Counter-strike 1.6 server has its own rules and procedures that must be followed.

The client already has a built-in english chat that allows you to communicate in the game without any problems, the assembly has a patch v. 43 and supports 47/48 protocol server that allows you to play on all servers. Incs 1.6 already installed bots.

All customers want to download a good Counter-strike 1.6 WaRzOnE install, which is fully configurable and ready for the game.

Download cs 1.6 free from our project „Cybersports.lt”. This is a unique beautiful design, the complete russification of the game client, perfectly tuned cfg, installed bots that for newbies who have downloaded cs is easy to configure it.

And let’s not forget about the protection that prevents third-party intervention game servers in the form of advertising, binds and other things. Cs 1.6 download via torrent for free, install it and select the liking for a server.

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This is one of the main reasons why Counter-strike 1.6 is still alive and popular.
There are a lot of cs 1.6 WaRzOnE installation files on the web, which adds various binds, ads and other things that are not necessary to the player.

Counter-Strike 1.6 installcs 1.6 downloadsCounter-Strike 1.6 free

Counter Strike 1.6 is played online for many years.

The client can connect to the P47 and P48 servers;

Counter-strike 1.6 download EnglishCounter-strike 1.6 download english version

We offer the opportunity to download via torrent, that guarantees a high downloading speed, because it has benefited from many users.

Game features:
The client can find the good and desired Cs server through the Find servers list.
cs 1.6
Punished or banned players have the ability to prove their innocence and the truth – they usually download screenshots or demo files.

Can be played online, LAN and with bots;
We offer the opportunity to download via torrent, that guarantees a high downloading speed counter strike 1.6, because it has benefited from many users.
cs 1.6 download full Counter-Strike 1.6 online

With this ready-made Counter-strike 1.6 WaRzOnE install, players will be protected from unexpected gameplay shocks, gameplay jerks, fps dropdowns, and advertisements.
Each of them have praised the excellent quality of the game in cs 1.6 has been added to chat not only in english but also in russian, that might be very important to you.

Counter-Strike 1.6cs 1.6 downloadCounter-Strike 1.6 download
Each of them have praised the excellent quality of the game in cs assembly has been added to chat not only in english but also in russian, that might be very important to you.
This Cs 1.6 WaRzOnE exe installation file will be installed on your pc without problems.
cs 1.6 download
Download cs 1.6 the best version of the game.
Counter-Strike 1.6cs 1.6Counter-Strike 1.6 full

This game does not require a lot of investment and a special computer requirement, so it is very much loved.

cs 1.6 downloadDownload Counter strike 1.6 free game

Counter-Strike 1.6 parsisiuntimascs 1.6 atsisiustiCounter-Strike 1.6 nemokamai

Non-Steam patch version 44 with ORANGE BOX;
cs 1.6 download free
Free download of Counter-strike 1.6 WaRzOnE can cost a lot of nerves.
cs 1.6 download

The cs game still retains a huge mass of players, because they consider this game classical and does not change it to others that are with a much more beautiful graphics.

You can find cs 1.6 servers in the Favorites tab too.
All cs 1.6 servers are good. One cs server is distinguished by its uniqueness, the other server has a huge number of players.
Working with windows 7, 8, 10, xp, vista;
When the new version of Counter-Strike Source appeared, the Counter-strike 1.6 Half-Life engine faced a major threat to disappear.
Gungame, Deathrun, Jailbreak, CSDM, HNS, Warcraft3 and other mods only prove Counter-Strike 1.6’s popularity and adaptability to players’ desires.

We can rejoice that we have a lot of Lithuanian Counter-strike 1.6 servers.

cs 1.6 download free fullDownload CS 1.6 WaRzOnE setup
The client will find the servers through the list of find servers.
Counter-strike 1.6 is a good server that attracts many players, is unique and fun.
Size – 177 MB.

Garanteed to run on Windows 8.1

A part of our success we fully dedicate to you, visitors as we listen to your ideas all the time, all you have to do is comment what version you want us to make next and we might just do it. That practise not only helped us to deliver the versions of CS you want, but also kept us relevant throughout the modern trends. Our website is constantly evolving: we listen to your ideas, we improve our design, we update our existing editions and design better ones. In other words we made it our number one priority to let you download CS 1.6 of your dreams. Having been around for over six years we built a well-developed trust and therefore you can easily rely on us to bring you the best quality product.
Unlimited download speed
Powerful design of GUI and HUD brings gameplay up to a new level. Up-to-date unbreakable protection will make you feel safe towards malicious scripts and files.
This modification is similar to deathrun in its task: finishing the map. However, to play this mod you have to be able to surf which implies using inclined surfaces and jumping from one of them to another until the map is done. Another variation of surf is based more around shooting enemies while surfing around. Both types of this gameplay are a lot of fun and you should 100% try it.
This modification is based around the idea of hide and seek game: one team are chasing the other with knives, the other one are trying to run away. All maps usually have a lot of ladders and high surfaces. If you fall – you die. The idea is to outdo your enemies and get away safe. This type of gameplay is also a lot of fun and a must-play for sure.

Bots (Controls: „H”)

48 proto
Killing an enemy: $300

Download Coounter Strike 1.6 cs 1.6 download cs 1.6 cs 1.6 non steam Download CS 1.6 full Download CS 1.6 full Download CS 1.6 full Download CS 1.6 full
Garanteed to run on Windows 10 and earlier versions
counter-strike 1.6
100% Anti-Hacking protection
Fast installation (less than a minute)
Unlimited download speed
The most simple and original CS 1.6 gameplay, which we already have talked about. It mostly involves shooting down enemies and carrying out tasks like bomb plant/defuse, rescuing hostages and VIP players. This mod doesn’t need any additional resources aside from maps if a server uses a non-standard one. Classic gameplay is the one you need to study first if you’re a beginner.
Fast installation (less than a minute)
Winning by hostage rescue: $3600
HD hostage models

Since the initial release of Counter-Strike in 1999 the game has evolved a lot and therefore nowadays there are different gameplay varieties which modify the very goals and tasks which players need to accomplish in order to win or score points. All of those mods are server based and don’t involve any external add-ons aside from additional resources that are downloaded automatically at server join. Let’s talk about the most popular and famous ones.
Classic version of Counter Strike 1.6

HD player models.
cs 1.6 non steam Download Counter Strike 1.6
Winning team reward: $3250
CS maps have quite a different goals. For CS it’s rescue the hostages, being kept in specific locations (mostly in a room or sometimes in different rooms) of a map while terrorists must protect them from being rescued at all cost. In a case of hostages dying, the only way to win a round for counter-terrorists is to eliminate everybody on the other team. The last one AS is meant for rescuing the VIP player who is a member of CT team. The idea is to for CTs to ensure a safe way for VIP to get to the rescue point (which is usually a helicopter). Meanwhile, terrorists’ main job in to eliminate the VIP player or at least not let him to get away until the end of the round.
Downloaded: 1902321 times
In the current gaming landscape there hardly is one player who enjoys a good first-person-shooter and never heard about Counter-Strike – a truly legendary game of our time. And having you come to our website, it is a safe bet you’re here to download CS 1.6 – the best version of CStrike till this day. And if you think it’s a bold statement we will elaborate. Yes, CS 1.6 is over 20 years old at this point, but it’s popularity is still higher then many other similar games. Even with the release of Global Offensive, that older version is still extremely famous and literally thousands of people download Counter-Strike 1.6 every day.
But enough about us, it’s time to let you know about the game itself, just in case you still didn’t try Counter Strike 1.6 and are interested about what it’s all about. Well, the idea is pretty simple: a good old bad vs evil scenario, this time it’s terrorists against, you guessed it, counter-terrorist. Players are divided into two teams (TT or CT) and then each team has a certain task depending on a map. Most popular map types are DE_, CS_ and AS_, although first two take up 99% of the gameplay nowadays. Main tasks on DE for terrorists: plant the bomb and detonate it, while CT’s job is the opposite: not let the bomb to be installed until the end of round or defuse it after it had been planted.

Injuring a hostage: -$150
We recommend this version to all classical gamers especially for those who prefer orginal gameplay over mods.
Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6

This modification is also very popular. The main goal here is to finish the map while one of the players is put into a secured location from where they can activate special traps that will kill players who get into them. Upon finishing the map, players can easily eliminate the trap-activator. Nowadays, apart from that main task, there are different variations of gameplay. It could be a zombie day: terrorist turns into a zombie and is teleported on the players base from where he can run around and infect others. Invis day: terrorist becomes invisible and after teleporting to the base starts murdering players. There are many other days and all of them are fun to play.

This one is very similar to CSDM – a mod where you get respawned automatically. However, it’s a lot more complicated then the previous one. In it, players race to take the lead by reaching new levels and finally winning by completing all of them faster than the rest. Each level provides a specific weapon: starting with the most simple pistols, players gradually move onto rifles, machine guns and finally grenade and than knife. That type of gameplay is very addicting and satisfying.

The way the gameplay of CS is built, at the beginning of each round players are give some time (usually 15 seconds) to purchase their own weapons via buy menu. In order to get these weapons we need to have some in-game capital. The default amount we get at the very start is $800 which will allow us to buy a pistol but isn’t nearly enough to get a rifle or even a shotgun. That is why we need to earn that money via eliminating enemies and completing certain tasks some of which were discussed earlier. The whole reward system isn’t hard to understand but is essential to learn, hence, here it is:

Killing a hostage: -$1500
HD weapons and hands models

Rescuing a hostage reward: $1000

«Our website has 83 amazing CS 1.6 versions»
Eliminating VIP reward: $2500
Planting C4 reward: $800
New design (GUI, font, etc)

Download CS 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6
Bots (Controls: „H”)
48 proto
Five professional CFGs to choose from (+standard)
This version of the game is an exact analogy of the steam Counter Strike 1.6. It includes original models, sounds, sprites and design. Download CS 1.6 of our website to get a client with powerfull protection from malicious scripts and files will make it safe to play without a fear of an admin damaging it or being injected with Autoconnect or a GameMenu hack.
100% Anti-Hacking protection
Just like previous two, the main goal here is to run the map from start to finish. Only here you will need to be able to do long jumps from on surface to another. There is no shooting involved and these types of maps can easily be played in offline mode, however, it’s always more interesting to do it with other players. There is a timer you can activate at the start so you will know which one of you finishes first.
This is a pretty straightforward mod based mostly on the idea of shooting the enemies without carrying out any other additional tasks. After a player dies they get automatically respawned within seconds and the game is just one endless round. This type of modification came from games like Unreal Tournament and Quake – very fun, lots of shootings and constant pressure to reach the top.
Now this is a very unique mod, where the tasks are quite complicated. Players are divided into two teams: prisoners and guards. There are usually three of four times more guards then the prisoners. One of the guard – the warrant – gives commands to the other team which everyone must obey. If somebody decides not to listen to him, guards have a right to execute them. Every jailbreak map is a prison with cells, a yard and special places like a soccer field and other ones. The mod is very interesting and it is a lot of fun to play after you learn all of the rules.
Download game CS 1.6 counter strike
A mod based around games like Left4Dead: zombies vs people. It all starts with one of the teammates getting infected with the virus and transforming into a zombie. After that their job is to infect as many as they can essentially leading to world domination. Humans’ goal is to eliminate all zombies before they can prevail. A very fun and interesting mod that is very popular right now, hence there are many amazing servers to play at.
New textures

New radar

15 new sprays
An attempt to rescue a hostage reward: $150
Teamkill: -$3300
Original player models (Steam)

counter-strike 1.6
If you consider yourself a gamer especially the one who enjoys a good First Person Shooter, then you’ve most likely heard of Counter-Strike while the chances are, you came here to download CS 1.6. The game is by all means a legend and a father of so many modern multiplayers with similar task: to eliminate enemy’s forces, but probably not as quite unique as CS is. If you’re a modern day kind of player, then you’ve probably already played Global Offensive (because you can download CS GO free on Steam these days) – the latest version of CStrike that came out in 2013 and gained an insane amount of popularity very fast.
These are the most popular CS 1.6 modification, all of them you can easily find in the server browser after you download CS 1.6 from our website. We make sure, we always have good servers there and try to provide as much diversity as possible. We are glad you visited our website and hoping you found what you were looking for. As we already said, we create new editions constantly, so make sure to come back once in a while and try something new!
This edition is your chance to Download CS 1.6 that is not only the most recent but also the most powerfull one. Due to your requests we have developed special player models that are easy to recognise: each team has its own color.
Rescuing VIP reward: $2500
Losing team reward before timer ends: $1400

And that is exactly what we supply you with: a great stable fully up-to-date protected version of CS. At this moment we have well over 60 different CStrike editions, each one of them being first class experience for any kind of needs. More over, new versions come out on a monthly basis, so even if you find enough time to try each and every one of them, feel free to come back a bit later for more. We follow all of the current trends, which is why we have such options as CS 1.6 Zombie Edition, CS 1.6 Half-Life edition and even such amazing products like Among Us edition and Fall Guys edition. Become our recurring visitor and we will not disappoint you!
Winning by defusing C4: $3600
Winning by detonating C4: $3500


This version of the game is an exact analogy of the steam Counter Strike 1.6. It includes original models, sounds, sprites and design. Download CS 1.6 from our website to get a client with powerfull protection from malicious scripts and files will make it safe to play without a fear of an admin damaging it or being injected with Autoconnect or a GameMenu hack – yet another reason to download CS 1.6 on our website. This CS is the newest build 8308, not an old version, full 2022 Steam official free edition. It has avatars for you to choose and display in the scoreboard.

We recommend this version to all classical gamers especially for those who prefer orginal gameplay over mods. The gameplay of this edition of CS 1.6 is quite unique and appeals to a lot of players around the world. It is quite interesting to notice that many gamers prefer 1.6 version to the later ones like source and even GO.

When you choose to install this game you are garateed to receive the best possible experience due to the specific features of it which include smart bots, that can be controlled very conviniently through the menu called by pressing „H”. The other reason to download CS 1.6 here is important features like powerfull protection which grants complete safety while playing online and won’t allow anything bad to happen to your game.

Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6

We are happy to present to you the newest version of Counter-Strike: CS 1.6 Zombie Edition. This version of the game is designed specifically for Zombie Plague which means it’s perfect for the zm mod. It includes amazing style and the atmosphere that guarantees to take you into the dark world of evil and horror.

Download CS 1.6 Zombie to experience a fully functional single player with zombie bots and AmxModX which provides you with admin rights so you can customize the gameplay, change maps, teleport and much more from a very convenient menu (just press F3). You will also have a hook and be able to fly around the CS 1.6 map easily, just press V or Mouse3 to activate it.

The menu also allows you to switch from a Daylight mode to Nightmare essentially changing the lightning mode from day to night which is also a very important part of the gameplay. Basically CS Zombie Edition provides you with the most amazing ZM experience possible. Aside from playing the game offline, the multiplayer is also available in this version with some of the best servers you can find.

You can simply choose the „Random Zombie server” option in menu to get connected to one of the servers or start up server browser which consists of only zm servers. Rest assured, all of the locations are great to play at, so you will just need to find the one you love most and get ready to spend the rest of the day battling the forces of darkness.

Download CS 1.6 Zombie Download CS 1.6 Zombie Download CS 1.6 Zombie Download CS 1.6 Zombie Download CS 1.6 Zombie Counter Strike 1.6 hd Edition CS 1.6 zombie Edition Counter Strike 1.6 zombie download

Currently 3.86/512345
Rating: 3.9/5 (410 votes)

Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition
Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition Download Counter Strike 1.6 Admin Edition
Downloaded: 15805
We are happy to present to you a new great version of Counter Strike and let you download CS 1.6 Admin Edition – a variation of the game that includes all necessary administrative options and privileges like special amazing new menu, hook, grab and so much more which we will go over very soon. But now we would like to point out that it’s easy to download CS 1.6 via direct link or torrent – both ways are fully functional which is why it’s up to you to decide.

Now, let’s look at CS Admin Edition in deep detail. The main difference from the original game is a fully functioning AmxModX and an awesome admin menu that lets you perform things like change a map via a convenient menu, transfer players from a team to another, teleport people, slap/slay players, kick/ban them and so much more. You can play with bots and of course also ask your friends to join your server and play with them, depends on wha you like and what you need. If you’re new to Counter-Strike we suggest you start with bots.

Aside from these unique options Counter-Strike Admin Edition has other special abilities you can use: a hook that is activated by pressing mouse3 or “V” helps you travel across the map just like spiderman. That way you can cross huge distances in seconds. There’s also grab which is an ability to hold players via some sort of superpower and quite similar to the gravity gun from Half-Life (or G-mod). This thing let you literally toss people around the map, killing them by dropping to the floor if necessary. It’s a lot of fun and surely looks and feels amazing.

This version of the game also has the most powerful protection from all kinds of malicious scripts which makes it 100% safe to play online. In-game server browser consists of hundreds of different servers from all around the world. It’s easy to find any modification you’re looking for, whether it’s a classic server, deathrun, zombie plague, surf or any other one, it’s there. And if you don’t have time to pick a server by yourself, just use the option „random server” in the menu to get connected to one of the best locations in seconds.

Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition Download CS 1.6 Admin Edition Counter Strike 1.6 hd Edition CS 1.6 Admin Edition Counter Strike 1.6 Admin Edition download

Admin menu
Hook (V or Mouse3)
Grab (key L)
Bots (Controls: H)
Garanteed to run on Windows 10+ and other versions
100% Anti-Hacking protection
Unlimited download speed
Fast installation (less than a minute)

Zombie atmosphere
New weapon models
Zombie Plague Mod
Hook (Controls: V or Mouse3)
Admin Menu: F3
Zombie Bots (Controls: H)
Garanteed to run on Windows 10+
47/48 proto
100% Anti-Hacking protection
Unlimited download speed
Fast installation (less than a minute)

Features:New 8308 build
100% identical to Steam
Extremely fast speed of resources download
Player avatars in settings
Original player models (Steam)
Classic version of Counter Strike 1.6
Bots (Controls: „H”)
Garanteed to run on Windows 8.1
48 proto
100% Anti-Hacking protection
Unlimited download speed
Fast installation (less than a minute)






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