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cs 1.6 atsisiusti cs download
counter-strike 1.6 download cs 1.6 atsisiusti

CS 1.5 was a great and popular game. Since 2000, when cs 1.6 was released, a lot of gamers was playing counter strike. This is first person shooter and player all around the world have played it. CS has a great graphics and gives plesure for every player. You don‘t need a super computer. Minimal requirements:
More thant 128 mb of RAM
Video card more than 32 mb
HDD: 500 mb

How to play Counter-strike:

CS 1.6 is first person shooter, and Valve corporation is the main Publisher of this game.
Your main points in this game are these: there are two teams: policemans and terorists. Terorists have to plant a bomb and to do everything that it could explode. Policemans have to secure teritory from terorists. If terorists have planted a bomb, policemans have to unplant and save teritory.
In CS 1.6 everything is on repeat. It is some kind of a circle. Everything is the same, but people can concure and take scores. They have to do a lot of kills, headshots and to be first in the team, to be leader. This game is like narcotic. If you tried, you can‘t stop. This is the best game in Valve corporation history.
In this page you can download non-steam version for free!

You can play cs if you have:
win xp, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

 How player can find servers?

In this installation file which you can download in our page, you can find the best world and lithuanian servers. We have modified MS list.
If you don‘t want to play in internetet – there are bots.
Also you can find skins, maps, russian and english game sounds.
By the way, we want that you could get all the plesure in playing, so, we have configured some things, so you will have the best game version.

Take a look what you can find in our installation file:
All new updates,
All search will let you find the best server for your game,
CS 1.6 bots,
Some changes, which don‘t let change your configurations,
New game engine
You can‘t loose FPS in game,
1.6 p48 client.

Counter-strike game has a lot of modified servers. Most popular mod – default (public).
Other mods:
9.Soccer [Football]
11.BunnyHop Mod
15.Knife Mod
16.Warcarft 3

As you can see, you can choose!

How download cs 1.6?

Click on the image below:

cs siustis

After few moments cs 1.6 download will be finished.
You can download cs 1.6 by clicking on Picture „download“.
In you computer you can find dowloaded file. Push double time and wait.
After that:
You can click „next“ and be calm. But if you want to change directory, you can do that.
After installation you can push finish.
On you desktop you can see cs icon.
Have a nice game!
Remember, don’t you cheats and other things, play nice. If not – you can get a ban, and then – no funny, no money, honey.


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