Weapons Cs 1.6

Today we are going to talk about some basic weapons in Counter-Strike 1.6. In the article we are going to cover the start pack as well as most popular Cs 1.6 rifles and some useful techinques.

weapons cs 1.6

If you’re playing for the Terrorist team, you’re in a much worse luck – you get Glock. The gun is practically not too bad on short distances. It carries 20 bullets in a clip and has somewhat interesting firing modes (e.g. 3 bullets at a time). On long distances this pistol is fairly useless and can only be used to slow down an enemy or to finish somebody. So, playing as a ?, it’s useful to purchase a more powerful pistol.

Third variation that we are going to cover is the legendary Desert Eagle. The gun power of it is the strongest throughout all the in-game pistols. Disadvantages: slow firing speed and only seven bullets in a clip. Nevertheless the pistol is still the best one in the game and can easily create a decent competition to some in-game rifles. The gun is the best friend of snipers who carry it along side with AWP (sniper rifle).

Knife may be very useful as well. One hit to an enemy’s back or head will earn you an instant frag. Hitting other parts of the body with the second attack will only carry a 65% damage which mean you will need two hits in order to kill a 100% healthy enemy. Obviously the knife can be used only in a short distance combat. It is recommended to use in an extreme case only.

Now let us talk about most popular types of heavier weapons. Ak47 and M4A1 – two automatic rifles that will serve you during the whole game. Ak47 inflicts a heavier damage while M4 carries more accuracy. As with every weapon in the game it will take you some time to get used to these guns. When you’re ready however, you’ll be able to inflict head-shots with every shot you make. A word ov advice: fire no more than two or three bullets in a row with an Ak, and don’t go over five bullets with a M4 in order to maintain accuracy. Do not put silencer onto your ?4 if you want to minimize the spread.